Man builds whole career on cooking one dish

Man builds whole career on cooking one dish

1st November 2018 Off By Tuckered

This thieving cunt has made a full-time career out of cooking one adapted dish.

He’s somehow managed to front countless food based tv shows with less culinary knowledge than a fucking student.

At least they have beans on toast and Pot Noodle sandwiches to mix up their Bolognese diet occasionally.

How the fuck does he do it?

We get it, you’re fucking Italian, but give a rest with the pasta pal, make some gnocchi or a fucking a Milanese for a change.

Ok, sometimes he does try to be innovative;

“Today Ama gonna make a fish ana chip wid a Italiana twist.”

Great Gino, aye, only you replaced all the core ingredients with penne and tomatoes didn’t you? And just gave us another cunting plate of pasta.

You’re a fucking caricature, you make Super Mario look like an authentic fucking Italian country man.

If you were in The Simpsons they’d be writing you out right about now.

Admit it, you’re only still here because you pretend to misunderstand world’s for comedic effect, you fucking irritating cunt.

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