The Nazis were not lefty Socialists you thick cunts

The Nazis were not lefty Socialists you thick cunts

30th October 2018 2 By Tuckered

Did the Alt-Right have a fucking alt-education?

It appears that being racist not only means that you have atrocious spelling and shit grammar, but that you also failed GCSE history, and yes, I’m ultra aware that I’m treading on very thin ice with this post, and that some clever cunt will no doubt list all of my typos and fuck-ups immediately in the comments.

It’s a gamble I’m willing to take.

Ok. Listen you backward, Trump rimming, Farage sucking, cunt sacks, I’m going to explain a few things;

Without sounding too much like Uncle Albert, during the war, the left and the right were a little more extreme than they are now. Almost.

In fact, they were all massive cunts, murdering millions of their own. By the end, the only thing that differed was a smart uniform, you see, if you go too far left, or too far right, you tend to meet in the extreme middle.

Ok, it was a little worse for the people on the left as they were more hungry than fucking Eric Pickles at breakfast time, and therefore resorted to eating each other.

To be fair, if you weren’t black, Jewish, gay, or a bit miffed with that Hitler fella, you generally had an alright standard of living at the height of the Reich, until they got bombed to fuck, raped, divided, and bankrupted that is.

Are you learning anything yet? Extreme = Bad.

Yes, the Nazis were called The National Socialist German Workers Party. That doesn’t mean they were socialists. Sometimes it doesn’t do what it says on the fucking tin.

Ever heard of the DPRK, or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

Not very democratic are they, considering they’re being lead by a dynasty of fucking null shitting, rainbow pissing, Dragon wranglers.

The Nazis were incredibly clever in the early days before they rose higher than Whitney Housten in a bath.

They were masters of propaganda and imagery. It’s no accident their uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss, and so their name was picked to appeal to both Nationalists (people who like flags and newspapers, and Socialists (people who think you should check in on your 90 year old neighbour, and not to rob her gold).

The Nazis were hard line, far right Fascists, who despised anything, or anyone that stood in the way of their perfect Aryan vision for Germany.

This isn’t fucking news. What I don’t understand is why cunts who sieg heil, in democratic countries, in fucking 2018, always come back with “But the Nazis were socialists!” as their only comeback when you call them out on it.

Listen you daft twats. You want to be a Nazi but you believe the Nazis were the lefties who you despise, yo fucking simpletons?

Yeah. Great argument. It makes about as much sense as covfefe, you thick, knuckle scaping cunts.