Nobody is offended by your poppy

Nobody is offended by your poppy

25th October 2018 0 By Tuckered

Around about this time of year, if you listen really carefully, you can hear the sound of creaking, as a million bigoted cunts climb out of the wood work and declare;

“Moslems are burning are poppies!!!1”

“They’ve no respect for are customs an laws an if they dont like grate Brittian they should fook off home!!!!1”

It is not yet known why they spell Muslim in this way, but scientists have recently found  evidence of links to a defective gene.

Nobody fucking cares about a plastic flower, red or white, symbolising the millions of fallen veterans, who died ironically fighting against fascist pricks like you.

If Muslims were offended by poppies then Bernard Manning would have worn one every fucking night.

Also, many Muslims had relatives who fought alongside British soldiers, you fucking fist clenching, ear oozing, fact fettlers.

No one hates your flag, wants you to remove your poppy, or objects to you celebrating fucking Christmas.

And the council are not going to force you to say Happy Holidays you vapid twats. It’s not America.

Whilst we’re on the subject, bacon is not Muslim kryptonite. They don’t fear it like you do with soap, so putting it on a door handle is a mild inconvenience at best, you thick, eleven toed, cunts.

Finally, it’s not compulsory to wear one either. If you want to, then go for life, but lecturing or shaming other people isn’t in keeping with the supposed respectful nature of the fucking symbol is it?

Here’s an appeal, grown a fucking brain.