Brexit isn’t racist, it just emboldens racists

Brexit isn’t racist, it just emboldens racists

25th October 2018 0 By Tuckered

Saying the majority of racists, sorry, Brexit voters are racist is not only lazy, but also offensive.

Especially to your nan, who definitely isn’t a racist, because her cousin Edith ‘courted a black fella in 1967’, and she only voted for Brexit because she ‘likes that Nigel Farage’.

To say that 52% of the *population are racist is ludicrous. Ill informed, fuck witted, propaganda bumming, twat spackers, yes. But bonfide racists? Nah, not all of them.

*People who could actually be arsed casting a vote because they rightly had zero faith in humanity.

What this stupid vote has done is though is to give a voice to racists.

We see instances everyday now, so much so that it’s dangerously close to being normalised.

Take the cunt pictured for example, he and other entitled twats increasingly think it’s ok to spunk out bile from their fetid, face mounted, shit pipes.

And as long as people do nothing, it will continue this way.

Note to Ryan Air staff; In future you don’t move the victim, you escort that bewildered, glasses modelling, slit mouthed, fuck piece, off the plane and ban him from using the airline for life.

I’m sure some Brexiters will argue ‘but we’ve always had racism!’

Yes Barry, we have, but there’s a lot fucking more of it now don’t you think?

And don’t give me any of that shite about there just being more recorded instances of racism now, because every fucker had a smart phone in 2016 too you fucking simpleton.