Ginger lad has full sex with a woman

Ginger lad has full sex with a woman

15th October 2018 0 By Tuckered

Here we fucking go again, another leech to feed.

I could sit here whinging all night about the Royals, but it make won’t make a difference.

Out of all of them, Harry seems the most down to earth, and to be fair the poor bastard didn’t ask to be born into a life of opulence and excess.

So fair play to the balding cunt.

What fucks me off is how this non story: ‘couple expecting sprog’, will dominate the shit rags for the next 9 months, detracting from the real issues.

Why report on the fallout from the impending shit storm that is Brexigeddon, when they can show preggars Meggars opening a fucking car door?

Or bravely cutting a ribbon when she’s 7 months gone, instead of covering the rest of us fighting over cubes of lard in a Lidl?

His timing is impeccable isn’t it?

It’s almost like Treeza showed up at the night do of the wedding with a time table of when they should fuck.