Waitrose delivery to unpack your food and put it away before eating it and shitting it out

Waitrose delivery to unpack your food and put it away before eating it and shitting it out

5th October 2018 0 By Tuckered

It’s fucking hard work being middle class isn’t it?

I mean, have you tried purchasing pink Himalayan salt at 6:00pm, and brushing shoulders with the rabble and their shitty fish fingers?

Life is stressful enough when you have to drop Quentin and Felicity off at school with the neighbours kids in tow, without bumping into the great unwashed.

Praise Waitrose! They’ll deliver your food and put it away whilst you’re out, so you won’t even need to converse with that grubby little delivery driver.

Better make sure the cameras are up and running though eh?

You don’t want him fingering your hummus, or rifling through your knicker drawer.

All joking aside though, it’s a good initiative when you consider elderly and disabled people.

But if you don’t fall into that category it’s a bit fucking over the top.

Taking food from a bag and putting in the fridge is hardly a fucking chore is it?

Still, I won’t have as much disdain for people who use this service than I do for people who buy those ingredient boxes with instructions.

What the fuck is that all about?

I get it, your fucking busy, but if you want to pay three times the price for some ingredients and recipe sheet, then you have too much disposable income and frankly you’re a cunt

Just Google the fucking recipe and go to Aldi like the rest of us for fuck’s sake.

Yes, you might need to separate some chicken breasts because there’s more than the recipe suggests.

Big fucking deal, wash your hands and crack on you fragile little pricks.

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