Government insists stockpiled body parts aren’t an emergency post Brexit food source

Government insists stockpiled body parts aren’t an emergency post Brexit food source

4th October 2018 0 By Tuckered

All jokes aside, this is fucking scandalous isn’t it?

May stood there at that conference, writing off Labour’s nationalisation policies as pipe dreams.

As if Corbyn had offered every UK citizen a free unicorn to go with their golden mansions.

Maybe if everything wasn’t fucking outsourced to the highest bidder shit like this wouldn’t happen?

We’re told it’s nothing to be concerned about, yet they’ve held a fucking COBRA meeting about it.

Incidentally COBRA stands for Cabinet Office Meeting Room A, I shit you not.

Even though Cameron liked to have meetings there all the time, because it made him feel like some kind of action hero.

Either that or it’s because he’s fond of fucking animals (read that how you will).

I digress, there’s a backlog of medical waste, including body parts from amputees, just growing because it can’t be disposed of.

Environment Services say that the UK has experienced ‘reduced incineration capacity’ in recent times, which has been highlighted.

Which is odd, because you’d expect a government this right wing to have those fires burning constantly.

To me it just highlights more underfunding, another fucking Tory mess.

How the fuck can we be successful after we leave Europe when we can’t even feed our own poor, fill in pot holes, or dispose of medical waste?

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