Rose West to bake the Brexit Festival cake

Rose West to bake the Brexit Festival cake

1st October 2018 0 By Tuckered

Although Rose makes a mean sponge, she probably won’t be marking Treeza’s doomed patriotism project.

It’s a nice thought though isn’t it? Pasting tables down every street adorned with good old British classics like tripe and despair.

Maybe Mr. Bean could coat some twigs in marmite, or Fletcher and Godper could bring some prison hooch.

Delboy will sell the knock off flags obviously, and Alf Garnet will lead us all in a chorus of ‘Gawd Save the Queen’.

A Brexit Festival has to be the most pathetic idea since…er…the decision to leave the fucking EU.

What are we supposed to be celebrating  exactly?

A worthless pound, crashing house prices, food shortages and no medication?

Maybe we could celebrate our newly privatised NHS?

What a load of bollocks.