Don’t give them money, they’ll only spend it on booze

Don’t give them money, they’ll only spend it on booze

1st October 2018 0 By Tuckered

No fucking shit! People have their ‘benefits’ suspended because Job Centres are having a fucking bonus driven ‘who can starve the most poor people’ sanctioning contest.

If someone’s bus is five minutes late, you know, because life. Sanctioned.

Car breaks down? Sanctioned.

Overslept? No fucking food for your kids this week you scrounging cunt, and don’t get me started on Universal credit.

It’s ok though because they get pointed in the direction of a foodbanks.

You know, those things the public step up and donate to so that poor can be fed, because government can’t be fucked using our taxes instead.

I suppose they’re just like real banks but instead of collapsing and taking all your money, because some cunt in America likes snorting coke and gambling, you get a fucking packet of Asda Smart Price rice and sympathy instead.

Foodbanks serve only one purpose though. Have you ever tried paying your rent in fucking tea bags and Angel Delight?

Guess what happens next? You’re snuggling up to a fucking anti homelessness spike, being judged because it’s your fault. I tell you what, if I’d been through all that I’d want a fucking drink.

Homelessness has doubled whilst government help for homeless people has halved!

Throw sanctioning into the mix and it doesn’t take a fucking genius to work out that they’re not all lazy bastards.

If you think there isn’t a problem then go for a walk around your city centre at 8pm. It’s like night of the living dead out there, with thousands of people zombiefied. Off their fucking nut.

And who can blame them? What else have they got. There’s more fucking spice out there than in uncle Ben’s pantry.

So, it’s all good and well getting on your high horses, but I can say unashamedly that after a week on the streets I’d be snorting fucking arsenic if I thought it would give me some form of relief.

They’re humans, make eye contact, have a chat, buy them a fucking sandwich or give them some change, but for fuck sake don’t adopt this “don’t feed the pigeons” mentality the government are throwing at you.

If you ignore them they don’t cease to exist. If you install metal spikes they’re still sleeping rough further up the street.

I’m generalisiing obviously, not everyone on the streets has an addiction but don’t judge the ones who do until you’ve walked a mile in their damp, ripped shoes