50 Million Facebook accounts improved because of security breach

50 Million Facebook accounts improved because of security breach

28th September 2018 Off By Tuckered

Facebook was as easy for hackers to get into than it was for teens to buy a pint and a whisky chaser in an 80s pub it seems.

50 million accounts breached!

That’s 50 million grandmothers with ‘Password123’ as their password fucked then isn’t it?

Who cares? You’d be lucky to be hacked you boring cunts.

They’d probably turn your account into a sexy Russian bot asking millions of lonely men simultaneously what they’re doing tonight?

It beats your fucking pictures of 12 quid burgers and your Map My Run personal best updates.

Or your vacuous musings about Love Island, your priceless updates about the cleanliness of your fucking house.

When you intend to have your first glass of Prosseco, or if you’re fucking tired.

No one fucking cares Catherine.

I hope you have been hacked and you start spamming me with dubious links to Argos offers.

At least there’d be a bit if excitement and risk in your fucking messages, other than guilt tripping me into sharing charity links with your chain shite.

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