You’re ‘Brexiters’ not ‘Brexiteers’ you thick cunts

You’re ‘Brexiters’ not ‘Brexiteers’ you thick cunts

26th September 2018 1 By Tuckered

All you did was sign an ‘X’ on a bit of paper in your own bic pen because you were convinced David Cameron would have otherwise personally rubbed it out.

You did it because you don’t like brown people, and so you thought it would be a wonderful idea to deport everyone from fucking France and Italy.

You also did it because a bus told you to, the same kind of bus that you ironically ignore when it tells you not to sit in a seat reserved for fucking disabled people.

Nigel Farage, David Cameron and Boris Johnson are Brexiteers, they manufactured and engineered this shit.

Not gormless simpletons who read the Daily Express and worry that the council will ban them from saying Merry Christmas every fucking year, or ban their precious flags.

You’re Brexiters. Followers not leaders, sheep who hate cows because the fucking farmer told you to.

Fuck off.



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