Wetherspoon’s to only sell Party Seven and Babycham for the ladies after Brexit

Wetherspoon’s to only sell Party Seven and Babycham for the ladies after Brexit

13th September 2018 0 By Tuckered

Melted Jim from Neighbours look-a-like and piss Emporium proprietor, Tim Martin, is a well known Brexit champion.

For years he’s been banging on about the low cost booze fuelled utopia we’ll all one day enjoy.

But what the tiny faced cunt failed to mention is the lack of fucking Jägerbombs there.

Yes, in another major blow to half-witted, Europe hating, blue faux leather enthusiasts, the ale warehouse will be ditching some foreign favourites post Brexit.

French brandies are also set for the chop along with Champagne, although no cunt who drinks in a Wetherspoon pub would even notice that.

I’ll give those Brextards their dues though, they’re a resilient bunch, unphased by mere facts highlighting the massive steaming pile of shit we’re driving right into.

“We’ll brew us own”

“Churchill never drank Jägerbombs!”

“Wiv got proper scrumpy! Who needs spirits?”

“Wine is for fairies anyway, give me a Boddies  any day.”

Are just some of the musings you can expect to read in the comments sections of right wing shit rags like The Daily Express.

Christ knows what other foreign muck ‘Spoons will ditch as this Tsunami of fuck hurtles ever closer.

Maybe pickled eggs will replace the standard menu, or saw dust instead of those fancy European carpets?

Who knows, but at least it will be just like the good old days.

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