If Roxanne Pallett is ever genuinely attacked no one will believe her

If Roxanne Pallett is ever genuinely attacked no one will believe her

3rd September 2018 0 By Tuckered

We’ve all heard of the boy who cried wolf, but Roxanne Pallett is the cunt who cried battery.

Yes, I do watch Celebrity Big Brother, and admitting that is like announcing that you’ve got genital herpes on a first date. To the waiter.

Please don’t judge me too harshly, it’s literally my only guilty pleasure, apart from alcohol, gambling, class A drugs, and knitting.

I digress. Roxanne Pallet has made a mockery of genuine victims of abuse, whether that be physical, sexual, or psychological.

Women in particular have fought for centuries to be taken seriously, and it’s only really now, after the recent MeToo movement, that we’re only just beginning to listen.

This attention seeking twat has single-handedly done more damage to that movement than any man ever could.

I dread to think what would have happened to Ryan Thomas if ‘the incident’ had happened off camera in the bathroom, or if he’d done it at a closer proximity, in an empty room, with a poorer camera angle.

Within seconds of her devious little act, most of the housemates, if only temporarily, had turned against Ryan.

Not because he’s an obviously evil bloke, but because thinking that anyone would make something so utterly vile up is beyond belief to most right minded people.

I genuinely hope one day that Roxanne Pallet never genuinely sees a wolf. It would be such a pity if no one believed her.



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