Stop putting notes on disabled people’s cars you illiterate fucks

Stop putting notes on disabled people’s cars you illiterate fucks

16th August 2018 Off By Tuckered

There appears to be new stories everyday about ignorant cunts putting scruffy notes on people’s cars because they’re parked in disabled bays.

And like their fucking stupidity and ignorance, not all disabilities are visible.

“A dint even see a wheelchair! How dare u park hear wen there’s real disableds you lazy prick!”

What do these half witted fuckers actually want?

For people to display some kind of badge to prove that they have an illness/disability? You know, likes the ones displayed next to the shitty fucking notes.

I know there’s a propaganda led hate campaign against the poor and minorities in this country, but I didn’t realise that it stretched to people with fucking crohn’s disease.

Just because the government treats disabled and ill people like shit, doesn’t mean that you have to follow suit.

The thing that irks me the most about this, after the appalling lack of tact and consideration for a fellow human of course, is the utter fucking cheek of it.

Fuck off you nosey cunts! Do you need that space? The answer is no.

So put your tatty receipts away and your fucking biros, get back in your shitty little fart boxes, and go and film some other poor bastard throwing a cig out of his window on your fuckind dash cams instead.

If you’re that bothered, then go and apply to be a traffic warden you jobs worth cunts.

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