Senior Tories are actively in discussions with a rotting cadaver representing the far-right yet Corbyn is the one being attacked again

Senior Tories are actively in discussions with a rotting cadaver representing the far-right yet Corbyn is the one being attacked again

2nd August 2018 0 By Tuckered

I used to be proud to be British before the Large Hadron Collider malfunctioned and sucked us all into a parallel universe, previously only thought to have existed in weaker Star Trek scripts back in 2016, where we’re not allowed celebrities with actual talent and everyone else is a massive cunt.

John Cleese is bang on the money, the mainstream media in the UK is a fucking joke and a corrupt one at that.

They have an agenda of hard right politics which they’re desperately trying to push onto us like a sixth former getting year 7s hooked on fags.

They’re normalizing segregation, hatred and extremism. Drip by drip.

Farage hasn’t gone far enough for their liking, so they’ve banished him like the thought of a lovely blowjob immediately after you’ve ejaculated, he’s the last thing on their minds.

Tommy Robinson is the new poster boy now, another fringe lunatic given 24 hour news coverage.

How can a little racist thug like that be lauded over, whilst a man who’s spent the last 30 years campaigning for fairness has his name dragged through the mud, time and time again?

Think what you like about Corbyn. Maybe he is out of his depth, maybe he’s not the most shrewd politician, but an anti-semite? Really? REALLY? Old jam making Jezza? Fuck off.

Now, I don’t wade too deep into the whole Israel/Palestine debate as a rule, but I fail to see how attending a meeting eight years ago with an actual holocaust survivor makes you anti-semitic. Maybe I’m just thick?

Ok, OTHER PEOPLE said some unsavoury things, so does that mean he’s guilty by association then?

If so I must be a racist because I saw the un-edited Only Fools and Horses episode where Del Boy says ‘paki shop’.

In a week where it’s been revealed that some senior Tories are in talks with an actual, bonfide, far-right extremist, a man so abhorrent that he was a bit much for Donald fucking Trump, where is the outrage?

Steve Bannon is a walking cess pit of hate, actively trying to bolster support for a Fourth Reich accross Eurpope, like a less attractive pound shop Palpatine.

He’s what a child would draw when given an audio description of an amalgamation of all the Bond villains and the contents of a sharps bin.

The man is a monstrosity, a whisky cheeked, hate mongering, cunt, and potential Prime Minister’s are actually texting him like fucking golf buddies.

This should fucking terrify you and make your blood run cold, this should be all over the front pages, not a campaign against someone who scares millionaires because they hate paying fucking tax.