Brain dead simpletons with questionable hygiene convinced they had an effect on the judiciary

Brain dead simpletons with questionable hygiene convinced they had an effect on the judiciary

1st August 2018 0 By Tuckered

Today was a momentous occasion for hordes of toothless, lesion ridden, football chant bastardisers.

After months of standing around with poorly spelt placards at various locations, their hard work appeared to have paid off after their hero, convicted fraudster and miniature Mosely, Tommy ‘ten names’ Robinson, was finally released from prison pending a re-trial.

The Court of Appeal quashed his conviction citing a sentence being passed just five hours after his arrest as ‘unfair’, and the lack of clarity around what he was actually pleading guilty to was also a major factor in the decision, which, being a fan of justice, I personally happen to agree with, in spite of him being a petulant, hate mongering cunt.

Let’s just hope he gets a longer sentence at the next trial. Lolz.

Anyway, back to the rabble. Within minutes of the ruling a clunge of gammon had assembled outside the courts to celebrate the arduous months they’d endured handing out leaflets and trying not to act like the racist, fuck brained, cunts that they are.

They think the courts listened, they think the government listened, they think the latter controls the former, they think they won. They didn’t.

The damage is done though, they have a faux victory and their martyr back. Stupidity, ignorance and righteousness is a lethal mix.

These are dark times and I can’t see a glimmer of light in the distance, so unite, speak out against the bullshit and challenge it.

Stay strong, they’re not the majority. Yet.

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