Sacha Baron Cohen ‘borrowed’ Elon Musk’s nonce detector

Sacha Baron Cohen ‘borrowed’ Elon Musk’s nonce detector

31st July 2018 0 By Tuckered

Brilliant satirist and character actor, Elon Musk, is reportedly irate after Sacha Baron Cohen used a mock up of his trade marked Tesla Paed-O-Meter on his new show last night.

In the guise of an Israeli Mossad agent, Cohen used a fake nonce detector on Alabama Republican Senate candidate, Roy Moore, to great comedic effect.

Everytime he put the device near Moore it would make a beeping sound, indicating that the target was a ‘paedo’ or ‘pervert’, much like Musk’s device in the vicinity of anti-submarine cave divers.

So far Mr. Musk has been very restrained and hasn’t called anyone a paedophile on Twitter yet, although close friends have suggested he’s already engaging his lawyers.

More to follow.