I’m no Columbo but I’d say 20,000 police officers getting sacked and rising knife crime could be linked

I’m no Columbo but I’d say 20,000 police officers getting sacked and rising knife crime could be linked

31st July 2018 0 By Tuckered

The right wing shit rags love a good stabbing don’t they? Another dead teen in ‘London’s Blood Bath’  is just rhetoric fuel to those corrupt, leeching, bastards.

They can’t wait to blame the Mayor, who happens to be on the left and brown.

‘It’s all Sadiq’s fault! He’s too soft on crime’ they’ll froth, as if he’s personally going up to street gangs, waving his finger at them, and saying ‘don’t do it again’.

And the gullible, shit for brained readers lap it up don’t they? Like bus promises, or a fucking Jeremy Kyle double bill.

‘It’s dat Sadiq Khan wat dun dis, I seen in the papers’ and that’s just fucking Trump!

No. NO! Just fucking stop it for Christ’s sake.

I’ll tell you what ‘dun it’. Police cuts, twenty fucking thousand of them.

Eight years of austerity and stagnant wages.

Zero hours contracts and no fucking prospects, no community centres, no community!

After all society doesn’t fucking exist does it?

Poverty. Homelessness on a scale the likes of which we haven’t seen for decades.

That’s why knife crime is rising along with all the other crime, there’s no one enforcing the law.

If your car gets nicked then good luck, you better phone a taxi and get searching the side streets yourself, because what’s left of the police are too busy protecting Trump and Tory conferences.

I’m sick of this fucking government and I’m starting to despise my own country and all the thick cunts who live in it.

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