Trump distraught that it wasn’t Putin who devastated his star

Trump distraught that it wasn’t Putin who devastated his star

25th July 2018 0 By Tuckered

Someone has smashed in Trump’s star again and he’s gutted that it wasn’t his boss, Putin.

There’s no article in this by the way. How can you write in any great depth about someone destroying some concrete, unless you’re Fred Dibnah?

So I’m just going to write and re-hash some new and recycled Trump insults from memory instead:

He’s a dropped pumpkin. A twin chinned, thin skinned, bin bag filled with Big Mac sauce and hate.

He’s an organgucunt, a tyrantosaurustwat, a fucking piss paddling, vag grabbing, shit wig stand.

He’s a tiny handed philanderer. A fucking smug, brash, vowel basher.

He’s a shit Matalan model, a 7ft twat jawed gimp. An arse hole with a lectern.

He’s 63% chin.

He’s an air grabbing, geriatric, spray shouter. A hay sprouting, smug pouting, bile spouter. A fucking orange abomination.

He’s a cunt.



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