We can’t stop this catastrofuck because of the media!

We can’t stop this catastrofuck because of the media!

24th July 2018 0 By Tuckered

King of the gammon and alleged pig interferer, old ham face himself David Gameron is nowhere to be seen.

Like a freshly laundered sock, or a Britain breaking cunt he’s disappeared off the face of the earth.

He may have been the catalyst for this madness because he felt threatened by an animated banker, but we can’t continue to blame him.

In a week where Brexit champion and holographic representation of the 19th century from a futuristic library, Jacob Rees-Mogg, predicted that it may take 50 years to see any benefit, even the most ardent bus promise enthusiasts are starting to question if this is a really a good idea.

Add to that Brexit Secretary 2.0, Dominic Raab’s assurance that there’s going to be enough food, and things definitely start looking a bit shit.

So, why not pull the brakes, stop the obscurity express before we all hurtle over the edge like a single parent with triplets in an Aldi?

Yes, we’d look a bit daft on the world’s stage, a bit like a child coming back from his room after a temper tantrum when he’s calmed down because tea is ready.

Who gives a fuck though? We’d have food and would still be able to to afford to buy stuff. It sounds great to me.

We can even stop Article 50, any time, with no questions asked, I shit you not! But we won’t.

Why? Because of the good old mainstream British media putting self interest before that of the country.

For well over two years now we’ve been exposed to an endless parade of cunts lying to us, selling us an indefinable utopia based on absolute bollocks.

Nigel Farage had more fucking exposure on the BBC than Blue Peter. He was discussing Brexit before it was even a twinkle in Cameron’s eye and who the fuck is he?

Seriously, why did a fringe politician get a bigger soap box than a fucking Imperial Leather factory?

The trouble is that we bought the magic beans, we planted them and we’re adamant that a beanstalk will appear any day now.

You can’t stop Brexit, whatever it is, because there would be a civil war, rioting on the streets, and its all the fault of the media.



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