‘I definitely didn’t not say that I wouldn’t and couldn’t have said shouldn’t’

‘I definitely didn’t not say that I wouldn’t and couldn’t have said shouldn’t’

18th July 2018 0 By Tuckered

Oh, shut the fuck up the ancient rambling lech. Do you know how hard it is to satirise a walking prefab Spitting Image doll like you?

You fucking squeeze the fun out of it, like the life from a party when Michael Gove turns up.

You’re like a living M. C. Escher painting, the more unfathomable you become the longer we look at you.

It shouldn’t be legal this, us all amusing ourselves by watching someone with a mental illness and actual grandeur instead of fucking delusions of it prancing around the world and acting the cunt impervious to consequence.

You’re right, aren’t you? You could literally shoot someone in Times Square with the world’s media watching and the only thing that would happen is a collective tut, followed by 7 billion people saying ‘what’s he like?’

Even then you’d proclaim fake news and insist you thought the gun was a fucking banana.

If you were born to normal parents and had an average background you’d be in a nut house now showing off ‘the best turds in the world’ to oblivious nurses.

Fuck off you festering bag of offal.



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