Two blokes who threatened to kill each other on Facebook get on swimmingly over a pint

Two blokes who threatened to kill each other on Facebook get on swimmingly over a pint

17th July 2018 0 By Tuckered

Mick Hargreaves, a 43 year old welder from Dorset, and Thomas Sykes, a 37 year old builder from Southampton met by chance in Mick’s local last Saturday night.

Thomas, who was working away, joined Mick at the bar of The Fields of Wheat after finishing his shift and the two soon got talking.

They discussed their shared love of football, politics, and how they both despise Love Island despite knowing everyone in it.

Then after a few pints they both realised they actually knew each other, sort of.

‘It was a bit embarrassing.’ Admitted Thomas.

‘We were about 6 pints in and Mick mentioned Gordon Ramsay, well, I hate the map fodded twat with a passion.’

‘Mick was talking as if he’s some kind of culinary god and it escalated quite quickly from there, what with me airing my views about the prick, but it all sounded a bit too familiar.’

‘Aye’ said Mick.

‘It took me a while but it slowly dawned on me that I’d been arguing with this guy in the comments section of The Metro’s Facebook page on an article about Tampon tax a week prior.’

‘He threatened to get me sacked and I said some horrendous things about torching down his house and killing his kids in retaliation, it was all a bit much in hindsight, I still love Gordon Ramsay though.’

‘Yeah, it was mental.’ Said Thomas.

‘Online you just turn into frothing simpletons sometimes, I mean, it’s a celebrity chef for fuck’s sake. We just laughed it off in the pub though. Mick’s s really cool guy and we’ve arranged to meet up again next week.’

Sadly since this article was written the men are no longer friends. Mick had a psychotic episode and burnt Thomas’s house down before being sectioned.



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