Trump: ‘Who’s this ass hole and why does he keep asking me questions?’

Trump: ‘Who’s this ass hole and why does he keep asking me questions?’

16th July 2018 0 By Tuckered

Ex bin dipper in chief and retired Odo actor from Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Piers Morgan, has been stalking President Alzheimers again.

This time he managed to board Air Force One using the journalistic cunning he’s built up over his career coupled with being a fucking cockroach.

From the intense 45 minute interview, we learned that the Queen almost definitely has some opinions about things and that Donald Trump is a massive ego driven cunt.

It has been reported that Trump doesn’t actually recognise Morgan and thought he was just an overly zealous flight attendant taking far too much interest in hard-hitting issues, like what he likes for breakfast, or what his favourite TV show is.

If you missed the interview like I did, you can watch in on ITV player, or alternatively you can just imagine a Tommy Robinson supporter licking shit from a prison bog.

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