Stop sharing pictures of randomers just because someone said they did something wrong

Stop sharing pictures of randomers just because someone said they did something wrong

15th July 2018 0 By Tuckered

Facebook vigilantes are a strange phenomenon, I mean, before social media did they go around showing others pictures of people who had wronged them?

‘Check out this fat evil looking bastard, he kicked our Mandy’s cat!’

I’m not talking about actual vigilantes here like the ones who go around outing nonces and live streaming it, by the way, that’s a whole other article.

I’m also not having a go at people sharing videos of other people being pricks, like a jobsworth ‘Refuse Officer’ fining a single mum because her toddler dropped a chip, those bin dipping cunts deserve it.

What I take exception to is random pictures of members of the public with a description of some heinous act they’re supposed to have committed.

You know what I’m talking about when your mate Barry shares a grainy picture of a bus driver posted by Michelle from a town fifty miles away with the caption:

‘This sweaty prick wunt even help a woman wiv a pram get on the bus. Wanker! Lets make him famous!’

Within ten minutes her mates have already tarred and feathered the poor bastard and now they’ve suggested she makes the post public.

Kirsty: ‘Ew check him! I bet he beats his missus the fucking ugly cunt. I hope you’ve told the bus company x’

By the time you’ve shared the now three-month-old post the bus driver’s wife has probably left him taking the kids with her, he’s lost his job and is now a full-time alcoholic.

The twat might not even have done anything wrong, in fact, how do you know Michelle didn’t try going two stops down the road and paying with a fifty-pound note?

How do you know the driver just refused because he had no change and that Michelle is just a spiteful cunt?

The fact is you don’t do you? So stop fucking sharing this contextless bollocks!