Stop making thick talentless twats famous

Stop making thick talentless twats famous

12th July 2018 0 By Tuckered

Everytime I turn on a TV this walking diabetes warning is inexplicably there, promoting her new book which she hasn’t read, or offering up some of her vacuous musings on some shit she doesn’t know, like who the fucking Prime Minister is.

Currently she’s going around calling herself a a Diva, she’s not, she’s just an ignorant cunt who happens to be a bit rude.

I’m sick of it, we used to respect intelligence, listen to experts and laud academics, not worship half witted simpletons who won the reality lottery by fucking on TV, or wanking off a horse.

Everytime I glance one of these cunts out of the corner of my eye, or hear their high pitched bollocks squeals I can actually feel my IQ lowering, like the temperature in a Brexit meeting when Treeza sits down.

Don’t bother educating your kids and discourage them from learning any life skills.

Why fucking bother when they can just make a career out of flicking their hair, saying ‘sumfink’ and giggling like lobotomised hyenas?


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