Farage to save Brexit by leading party with one less seat than a bicycle

Like a shit Doctor Who, Nigel Farage has threatened to regenerate once more into the ‘new’ leader of the fringe party of insignificance,  UKIP.

Apparently the ronsealed bufondae feels ‘betrayed’ by the ‘government’s sell-out’.

Good, now you know how we fucking feel after being betrayed by you and that cunt with a bus.

Exactly what the Question Time co-host hopes to achieve is beyond me.

That tweed clad bargain bin Joker has more influence on his LBC radio show than he does leading a clunge of Union Jack tea pot collectors.

Forget it mate. Accept that you were the architect of Britain’s demise and move on. It’s fucked, and no amount of sellotape and bullshit can fix it.

You just stick to being complacent with Trump’s abhorrent policies whilst being offended by balloons, you country fucking cunt.

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