David Davis successfully negotiates no pension or benefits for himself after shock resignation

George from Rainbow personified and Brexit Secretary, David Davis, has resigned from his role.

A position that centred around him not attending meetings with EU officials, or shrugging his shoulders and looking vacant on the rare occasions that he did.

It has been reported that he’s handed in his resignation because he disagrees with Theresa May’s softer approach to Brexit.

And as May’s Ikea bought cabinet looks poised to collapse like Sweden in a quarter final, Davis will be remembered as the man who not only paid full price in the DFS sale, but also didn’t get a second free pizza from Domino’s.

Goodbye you fucking walking squint.  You won’t be missed, and hopefully your fellow Britain breaking arse holes won’t be far behind you in next week’s shock general election.

Fuckity bye you useless cunt.

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