Thousands of men encouraged to go out drinking on Sundays unaware of Poldark

According to government figures, Poldark is the only thing keeping British pubs from closing en masse.

“Everytime there’s a new series profits increase tenfold.” Said Paul Bannister, a Wetherspoons Manager.

“Sunday’s we’re packed to the rafters with blokes unaware of why they’re even here. Some of them don’t even drink!”

“I haven’t got the heart to tell them their wives are frigging themselves off to Poldark.”

Bob Thornton, a Sunday regular said:

“My missus didn’t let me out for years, I missed stag do’s, work do’s, the lot. I lost all my friends over time but now she can’t wait to get rid of me, it’s bizarre.”

We tried contacting Mrs. Thornton for comment but her phone just rang and rang. According to Mr. Thornton she has it on vibrate on Sunday evenings.

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