Massive orange blimp offended by Trump balloon

Massive orange blimp offended by Trump balloon

6th July 2018 0 By Tuckered

It’s been announced that President shit for brains is going to avoid London on his £30 million visit to the UK next week.

The twin chinned, thin skinned, MAGA twat is scared of a floating effigy of himself, and now, apparently, massive crowds.

Which is strange because the cunt is always fucking imagining them in his tiny dementia ridden shit ideas haggis.

Instead he’ll be driven around in secret, before demanding that the queen bend the knee.

Obviously he’ll then head off to Scotland to finish his trip off with a three day round of fucking golf.

Nigel Farage leapt to his defence of course, with all the passion and relish that you’d expect from that  arse rimming sycophant.

He called the balloon and insult to Trump, which is rich coming from a Geppetto’s wet dream: A real life stringless Thinderbird puppet.