The only people who want National Service back are the ones too old to do it

The only people who want National Service back are the ones too old to do it

29th June 2018 Off By Tuckered

Following on from France’s decision to bring back National Service, albeit a watered down version of Macron’s election pledge (youths can continue to do charity work or civic duty rather than enlisting in defence).

There’s been a massive outpouring from the first generation in a while to not only avoid conflict, but to have never done any kind of military service themselves.

They say things like:

“We need national service back to learn them youngens some respect like what we got.”

Aye, because the current generation are known for their violent thuggery arent they?

Are they fuck, they’re too busy crying, eating avocados and changing their fucking sex to disrespect a pensioner on a bus.

This has to be the most passive and well behaved generation since the dawn of fucking time.

Their idea of rebelling is not drying the fucking dishes after voluntarily washing them.

We don’t need yet another generation of flag waving, knee bending, hyper gammon, doing their bit for ‘Kween and Cuntry.’

If you really want to help Britain’s youth, give them national service behind a bar for a year, it will give them confidence, wit, and prepare them in conflict resolution far better than climbing ropes whilst being shouted by a cunt.

Introduce real life skills classes in the final years of school, like managing money, living on a budget, or making fucking eye contact when talking to people.

Fuck national service, if you want it so bad join the reserves.

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