Tommy Robinson supporters demand the sun is arrested after reports of it cracking the flags

Tens of thousands of half witted, fuck brained, hyper cunts are signing a petition in their own excrement to have the sun arrested.

The movement started about two hours ago in a Wetherspoon’s beer garden, in some shit hole, when former EDL member, Barry Broadbent, overhead someone say that it was ‘so hot that the sun is cracking the flags.’

Mr. Broadbent said;

“It’s not fucking on. Yeah we all like a bit of heat but not at the expense of our flags! The sun should fuck off back to its own solar system if that’s his game.”

The petition quickly gained momentum and is currently on 22,457 signatures. It reads:

‘Dear govment,

Please can the sun be arrested cos its cracking the flags! These are are flags and its discustung! I bet the Kween is spinning in her grave over this.  Its bang owt of order.’

The petition goes on to offer the government a direct swap for Tommy Robinson.

The government has declined to comment.

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