Nigel Farage to move two seats to the right on Question Time

Nigel Farage to move two seats to the right on Question Time

18th June 2018 Off By Tuckered

The long serving Question Time veteran and host, David Dimbleby, is stepping down after 25 years of speaking to the man the wearing spectacles in the gangway.

Nobody knows who will replace him yet, but Nigel Farage, who has appeared on nearly as many episodes is the bookies favourite to take on the iconic role.

A spokesman for the BBC said;

“It’s a no brainer really, Nigel is comfortable with the show,  he won’t listen to anyone on the left of politics, and he’s very pro Brexit. In fact, all he’d need to do is move over two places.”

Mr. Dimbleby will continue to host the Tory showroom for the remainder of it’s current run, before stepping down to probably talk about trains or canal barges, with a new presenter being picked next year.

Producers of the show had nothing to comment but did make it clear that Theresa May is a wonderful leader and that Brexit is just brilliant.

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