Council BANS man from displaying ENGLAND flags

Council BANS man from displaying ENGLAND flags

16th June 2018 0 By Tuckered

The only flags the council are going to ban you from showing are the kind you put on the fucking ground without the relevant planning permission.

It’s the same old shit every fucking time, St. George’s Day, The World Cup, in fact, any kind of celebration around being English.

Nobody gives a fuck! Muslims, the council, the government. No one. So stop playing the fucking victims.

If you want to dress as a giant red and white twat with matching face paint then go for it.

If you want to drape your house in a massive red cross, go for it, but don’t act all clueless when victims of a natural disaster come knocking on your fucking door.

“But, but, the taxi drivers!” Are you a cunting taxi driver? Does them not having car flags ruin your shit bedroom Window display? No it doesn’t, so stop fucking whining, you offended by proxy cunts.

Put your Daily Mail down, get your face paint on and your flag cape and walk around shouting Vindaloo for a week or two, it’ll be a nice break from listening to you all moan about Tommy fucking Robinson.

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