It’s Mental Health Awareness Week but you’re probably already painfully aware

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week but you’re probably already painfully aware

16th May 2018 Off By Tuckered

I’m more disturbed by those of us without mental health issues to be honest.

Naturally happy types, you know, jovial, smily “I get up at 6am” cunts, meandering through this murky world of hate we call home, and progressing on the journey of pain we call life unnerve me like a wide eyed man shouting on a bus.

Come to think of it, depending on the availability of cheap, super strength lager, I’d probably get on with that bloke better.

I suffer from depression, I think. It’s hard to tell when life refuses to stop shitting on you like a tory whore who’s had one line too much.

I’m not making light of it, I know I do really because on the rare occasion everything is as it should be, or is as I think it should be, I still feel like utter shit.

I can’t do counselling. The thought of talking through my issues with a stranger terrifies me, it’s much better to share them with thousands of strangers online.

I’ve also tried meds, they worked, for a while, until the realisation that I’d become an emotionless walking husk, devoid of creativity kicked in.

I’ve tried walking too but booze is definitely better. No one ever suggests getting smashed though.  Kale yes, exercise yes, Smirnoff NO!

The point I’m sruggling to make is this:

If you are depressed try things. Talking, meds, exercise etc.

Some of these suggestions sound patronising coming from a grinning, perpetually happy twat.

Going for a walk is the last thing on your mind when you’ve spent two days in bed and a journey to the toilet feels like you’re scaling Everest, I get that.

There will be better days though, try it on of them, it might work for you.

Apart from trying things I’ve got nothing, otherwise I’d be happy myself.

Just don’t let that black dog lure you to the depths, kick the cunt in the bollocks and tell it to fuck off.

As for people without mental health issues, yes you, you walking smirk, think about us more.

One day something horrendous will happen to you that will shock to the core and knock you on your arse. You’ll get lost in a black void with seemingly no escape.

Remember that feeling. We call it Monday.

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