Have people always been this repellent or is the internet just highlighting it?

Have people always been this repellent or is the internet just highlighting it?

3rd May 2018 Off By Tuckered

Every now and again when I’m stuck for a rant, I’ll ask my Facebook followers what’s fucking them off.

Overwhelmingly, every time I ask, the first response is almost guaranteed to be ‘other people’ and I have to agree.

I usually pick another suggestion, one more topical, or more specific, but people really are massive cunts aren’t they?

They fuel my depression like a line of coke to a Presidential speech, they may even be the root cause.

They serve to intensify my sense of hopelessness, like impending nuclear war, the rise of Fascism, or fucking Crocs.

It’s gets so bad sometimes that I regret having kids, for their sakes, not mine.

People are shallow, vacuous, self righteous pricks.

They’re constantly offended, virtue signalling, selfie taking, Insta using, food photographing, twats.

Flat earth choosing, avocado abusing, vaccination confusing, disease distributing, multiple gender defending fucks.

They’re alt right, which should mean left but doesn’t, or they’re left which should be mean left but doesn’t.

They’re ill informed yet adamant they’re right, they ‘speak the truth’ but are full of shite. It really fucking fucks me off.

We’re filtered both in pictures and in life. Date night just for Facebook photos with the wife.

Look at me, look at my car, I’m better than you, I’ve come some fucking far.

Look at this gin, this is a what I drink, 30 quid a bottle, see it near my sink.

I couldn’t give a fuck. I’ve had enough. I’m sick of all this showy shallow shit, there’s more important things but you won’t discuss it.

Quick, tell me how many miles you ran, or how many fucking metres you swam, or post a prayer to your long dead mam.

I’m done.

Sorry, I don’t know what happened there, it all went a bit of stream of consciousness, but the point was have people always been like this, or are we now just more willing to show it?

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