Just fuck off you meddling pig eyed triple lipped prick

Just fuck off you meddling pig eyed triple lipped prick

1st May 2018 0 By Tuckered

Calm your tits about fat kids Oliver, give that giant tongue a fucking rest for once.

Who knows, it might thank you by losing a bit of weight itself and giving you back some much needed oral real estate, you tiny toothed twat.

We get it, obesity is an epidemic, but everytime you try and help, shit things happen.

Have you seen the fucking price of a bottle of Coke now?

It’s more expensive than actual coke thanks to you, and where’s our Turkey Twizzlers, you fucking pukka cunt?

Stop blaming Theresa May. She’s responsible for lots of shit, but not starving kids and making them fat simultaneously, like some fucking Schrödinger’s feeder.

Making sugar more expensive won’t change a thing, this is a societal issue:

The break down of family units, no transference of skills, busy single parents working two jobs etc, etc.

Oh and don’t forget the never ending stream of nasty, processed, yet convenient shite on offer.

This is just too complex for your bish bash boshy, mockney cokney, wishy washy, chefy shite, so shut the fuck up.

Just keep out of it. Stick to doing handbrake turns in your fucking Capri on gravel, like a fucking 80’s child’s drawing of what ‘cool’ is.

Go and make a thee a minute meal or something. Feel free to take your time though pal.

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