Increasing the price of alcohol in Scotland is like charging Eskimos for snow

This is a fucking outrage, depriving Scots of booze is like denying northerners gravy, or southerners quinoa, or whatever shite the soft cunts are munching this week.

Let’s be honest, it’s just another poor tax. Yes, not everyone who drinks excessively is skint, but a lot of people struggling financially are twatted out of their skulls.

You can’t just price out an alcoholic, trust me. It’s like sugar tax. Let’s see how that goes after a couple of years, I bet we’ll all still be fat cunts but just more skint.

If someone is determined to get out of their mind to escape this shitty existence we call life, they’ll do it.

They might take a tenner from their nan’s purse, try meths, or dabble in glue-roma therapy.

They might give spice a whirl, or smack a chance. I don’t know, but what I do know is that they will, 100%, get fucked up if they want to.

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