Sajid Javid promoted to Human Shield

Sajid Javid promoted to Human Shield

30th April 2018 Off By Tuckered

Amber Rudd has finally stepped down as Home Secretary for the racist, far right, immigration policies implemented by her predessor, Teflon May.

With more resignations under her belt than in a typical UKIP week, the Disney vulture’s cabinet is starting to look like it was bought from Ikea and built by a blind, one armed organutan with no instructions.

Treeza will no doubt miss Rudd, who discovered she’d resigned on her way to work this morning, as she’s spent the last few years being scape goated more than a fucking Scouser in a Police line up.

She even appeared for a televised grilling on behalf of May after a personal tragedy. In the back stabbing world of a tory front bench, it seems such loyalty counts for nothing.

So good luck Saj, get your fucking apologies prepped son for when you start getting blamed for things you had no part of in 2010.

I can’t see May lasting much longer before the knives are drawn though, so you might be on with a shot.

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