The House of Lords are like The Avengers only made out of dust

The House of Lords are like The Avengers only made out of dust

23rd April 2018 Off By Tuckered

I used to hate The House of Lords. The thought of unelected old people making all the decisions, like militant grandparents, made me feel a bit sick.

After all, when did your grandma ever make a good fucking decision?

“Aye nan yeah, you were right, this jumper is perfect and the Sega Megadrive definitely wouldn’t have kept me warm.”

“Are you sure this liver and onions is better for me than McDonald’s? Only it tastes like burnt tinfoil in a fucking battery acid jus.”

Don’t get me wrong, them getting 300 quid a day for having a nap angers me more than a fucking Hungry House advert, but the more they vote, the more I seem to appreciate them.

Not in petty way because I’m anti Brexit, anti  Tories and anti Theresa May and I revel in the government’s defeats for the sake of it, but because they’re voting, by decent majorities, with common sense.

From the outside it looks like they actually give a shit about Britain’s future and its people.

Today they saved your human rights.  Put that into perspective. Soak it in.

The House of Lords saved your human rights after this callous, racist, poor hating, homeless causing, shower of millionaire cunts tried to take them away.

Not all super heroes wear capes. Some use a walking frame and fall asleep after five minutes, but thank you anyway Britain’s grandparents, even though you’re all still super privileged auld cunts, you’ve got our backs.

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