Eastenders fans up in arms as Patrick Trueman faces DEPORTATION

Eastenders fans up in arms as Patrick Trueman faces DEPORTATION

17th April 2018 0 By Tuckered

That’s a ridiculous headline and an even more ridiculous story line, even for the hammy misery of the BBC’s most depressing soap, you’d think. Not in reality though, not in Britain in 2018.

What the fuck is going on? People that we begged to help us over 50 years ago, to assist in rebuilding our war torn country, who have grafted like bastards, raised families and paid taxes all their lives are now being treated like they’ve just arrived hidden in the back of a fucking lorry from Calais.

We’re talking about proud Brits here, assured by the state of their status in return for their invaluable contribution. The so called Windrush generation have done more than most natives to earn that privilege.

They may be / had been proud Brits but right now I’m not. What this government have done is abhorrent, it’s not only an insult but a complete betrayal.

How would you feel if your grandparents were worrying about if they’re still eligible for state pension after a lifetime of work, or free NHS treatment, or the right to stay in their own fucking country for that matter?

I hate people labelling right wing politicians as Nazis, it’s lazy and usually a massive over reaction, however, if I wasn’t convinced complete incompetence was to blame for this shambles I’d happily use the term myself right now.

Administration errors, lost papers, fuckwits running departments, whatever, it just doesn’t cut it, neither do excuses or apologies.

These cunts are not fit to govern and I don’t know how many more times we’re going to simply roll over and allow them to cross that line time and time again.

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