I thought I was voting for a fairer society but it turns out I was wrong

I thought I was voting for a fairer society but it turns out I was wrong

4th April 2018 0 By Tuckered

At first Jeremy Corbyn seemed like a breath of fresh air, different from all the other soundbite spouting suit wankers.

Here was a man who stood out as well as standing up for people without a voice. A man who actually answered questions seemingly without an agenda, in his own words, and in all his resplendent corduroy glory.

He cared as much about self image as a fat lass in leggings. The only thing that seemed to matter to him were the less fortunate.

‘This is a man I can get behind’ I thought. Finally a representative with proper Socialist values, and so, like Domino’s on a Saturday night, he got my vote.

Then the trouble started and I began to doubt my allegiance.

First there was an attempted coup: A scruffy haggered woman told us Corbyn was not fit to lead a conga line, let alone Labour and so put herself up for party leadership. I wasn’t fully convinced by this however and so continued with my support for him.

Then a smartly dressed Welsh man told us the same. He was a like Tony Blair before he sold his soul and also didn’t really appeal to me.

Then, on August 23, 2016, my support for Mr. Corbyn was crushed like a Chaser’s deck chair. He betrayed me and thousands of his followers by sitting on the floor of a train.

From there things escalated very quickly. There were pictures of him stood next to people, someone said he might have been a spy once.

It just got worse. He liked a murial on social media, failed to condemn everything bad that’s happened in the world since the dawn of time, asked for evidence before starting a war, and then hr finally showed his true antisemitic roots by celebrating Passover with Jewish people.

The final nail in the coffin for me came today though, after famous human rights activist, environmentalist and champion of the poor, Lord Alan Sugar condemned Mr. Corbyn.

After all, how could I still support this animal after a man of such standing and respect said he can’t?

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