Stop pretending you’re pregnant on April Fool’s day because it’s a SHIT joke

Stop pretending you’re pregnant on April Fool’s day because it’s a SHIT joke

1st April 2018 0 By Tuckered

Another day, another new thing to be offended by. This time it’s pretending you’re pregnant because it upsets some people.

Big fucking deal, people also pretend they’ve proposed to their significant others too. I’m single and desperately fucking lonely but do you hear me kicking off because someone’s pretending to get married do you?

No, all you hear from me is quiet weeping into a pillow. Should we ban fucking Valentine’s day as well because it pisses loners and singletons off?

You shouldn’t pretend you’re pregnant, not because it’s offensive but because it’s shit. That joke makes ‘why did the chicken cross road?’ told by Bernard Manning look fresh for fuck’s sake.

The bottom line is this: Some people say stuff sometimes and you might take offence. If it wasn’t offered however, then you’re the one with the problem.

People shouldn’t have to know your full life story in order to avoid saying something which may cause you to get upset.

You’re evolved fucking beings, masters in the art of silent communication, body language, tone and infliction. Use it for Christ’s sake.

If a person didn’t sound like they were trying to be offensive then they probably fucking weren’t.


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