Why post about your Facebook cull when the people you’ve removed can’t even see it?

“687 friends down to 665! Well done if you survived cull x lol.”

I mean, what’s the fucking point? Think about it in terms of actual reality.

It’s like losing touch with a friend because your lives have changed and you’ve both taken different paths, then phoning all of your other friends to tell them about it.

You wouldn’t fucking bother would you, so why do it on Facebook?

It’s usually goes something like this:

“Right. Feel better now. I’ve just deleted loads of people! I had people on here I don’t even know saying things I don’t even agree with! And I haven’t even spoke to the others in years. 687 friends down to 665! Well done if you survived cull x lol.”

Fuck off you attention seeking cunt.

No one gives a fuck. In fact, even your remaining friends probably unfollowed you long ago, on account of your vapid insights and lost dog shares from the other side of the world posted 4 years ago.

These twats are worse than those “I’m leaving” fuckers. Off you pop then, no one gives a shit about you either. You’ll be missed about the same as that skin tag I had removed.

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