Quick! Delete your Facebook account before they sell all the pictures of your dinner

If you’re the type of person with a wide open profile and a million pictures of your kids, then you’re too thick to be on social media and deserve everything you get.

However, if your feed consists of shared life hacks, trout pouts, cat GIFs and pictures of your fucking tea, then what are you scared of? Your friends don’t give a fuck about all that shit so why would massive corporations?

Oh look, you did a 4 mile run and told everyone, and now those nefarious bastards are trying to sell you a cross trainer and water bottles through targeted advertising, you’d better call MI5 and report it.

Do you think companies like Facebook run on good will, or a sense of community? Do they fuck. Ask yourself this, how do they make billions without charging anyone for the service?

Admittedly no fucker reads the T&C’s, you could be offering up your first born for all you know, but apply a bit of logic for fuck sake.

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