Where will all the twats hang out now that the online gynecologist is closed?

Where will all the twats hang out now that the online gynecologist is closed?

14th March 2018 0 By Tuckered

This is a week of endings. Endings of relationships like that of Britain and Russia, the endings of two eras: The northern working men’s comedy club scene with the passing of the legendary Jim Bowen, and light entertainment as a whole, with the loss of comedic behemoth and all rounder, Ken Dodd.

Our grasp of complicated scientific theories has ended without Hawking’s genius guiding us via those unforgettable synthesized tones.

A little bit of our a collective childhood ended with the imminent demise of Toys’R’us, and on the subject of childhood, the Tories ended common decency by stealing free school meals from a million impoverished kids.

It’s not all bad though. Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen were jailed for being nasty, racist, bastards, after intimidating and harassing innocent members of the public, ending any ideas of them being respectful or indeed contributing members of society.

Then came the best ending. The Britain First Facebook page vanished into obscurity in an instant, like those 90’s luminous green clubbing shirts, pyramid talking alarm clocks, or those  annoying fucking dancing sunflowers.

Facebook say the page had breached community standards, and that the admins ignored a final warning, but my bet is that it was left in the capable hands of an illiterate, toothless, thug, who ignored Paul’s advice and Facebook’s email, instead opting to post memes of unidentified bown people committing crimes overlaid with words like ‘DISCUSTING’.

Either way two million people were left scratching their heads, complaining that it’s not like the good old days when you could walk around being a hateful, racist cunt with impunity.

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