Chaos on the roads as Sat-navs hold a minute silence for Professor Stephen Hawking

Chaos on the roads as Sat-navs hold a minute silence for Professor Stephen Hawking

14th March 2018 0 By Tuckered

I can feel the unfollow button being pressed a thousand times as I type this by the perpetually offended as they shout “too soon!”

Well this is satire and it’s never too soon. The passing of the world’s greatest physicist is a truly sad event, but to say he had a good innings doesn’t do his remarkable longevity any justice.

Over 50 years ago he was given just two years to live, but with his fighting spirit and raw determination he gave the V’s to that dire prognosis.

Two years just wasn’t enough for what he had in-store for the world, and so he persevered until a very respectable 76 years of age.

Despite his debilitating condition, Hawking  went on to have an amazing life, not only contributing more than anyone else of his generation to science, but actually making it popular to the masses.

He didn’t just inspire people with a disability but also budding physicists, mathematicians and writers. ‘Can’t’ wasn’t in his vocabulary and he shamed every one of us who have uttered it as an excuse for procrastination.

Most importantly Hawking had a wicked sense of humour, cementing his status as a national treasure.

He appeared in everything from The Simpson’s to the Big Bang Theory and was never afraid to mock himself. That’s why I’m certain he wouldn’t have been offended by this post.

RIP Professor Stephen Hawking. I doubt I will see anyone as truly inspiring as you again. A little bit of Britain died today and our culture is wounded.

I don’t think your spirit will fly up to greet the angels, but I hope instead that your energy passes through an event horizon to see what’s on the other side.

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