Millions of bigots ditch racism after Bannon embraces it

Millions of bigots ditch racism after Bannon embraces it

12th March 2018 0 By Tuckered

Breitbart founder, former Trump strategist, and part time model for those leaflets about the dangers of diabetes you find in a doctor’s waiting room, Steve Bannon, told a bunch of racist National Front cunts to wear their racism like a badge of honour, in order to spread more lovely racism.

Unfortunately for the animated cadaver, it turns out even racists don’t like him. In fact his little hate speech backfired like a James Corden rape gag:

“I was a Britain First member.” Said Barry Clutter.

“But when I saw that pound shop Goebbels bigging up my hobby I felt grubby. I just didn’t want to be associated with that walking
cirrhosis, in fact I knocked on for Abdul, my Asian neighbour, and hugged him.”

“He called the police because last time we spoke I keyed his car, but it’s baby steps isn’t it?”

If you’re not familiar with Steve Bannon he looks like the result of 30 years of hard drinking and a drop at birth. He’s got so much oil on his face I’m surprised the US hasn’t invaded it and installed a fucking proxy government.

He’s also famous for being an anti establishment ex banker, which I suppose is like being an anti doughnut cop. Basically he’s a cunt.

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