Right wing mysogonistic bigot interviews Jim Davidson

Right wing mysogonistic bigot interviews Jim Davidson

10th March 2018 0 By Tuckered

An interview between walking big toe and opinionated bin dipper, Piers Morgan, and the wisky cheeked comedic relic, Jim Davidson, will air on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on ITV tonight.

It has been reported that Davidson will reprise his once famous ‘Chalky’ character, a charicature of someone from the West Indies only lacking in traditional black face to deem it too inappropriate for the channel of brain dead fuckards, which he last performed in the 70’s when he looked like a shit David Bowie tribute.

The bloated womanizer will probably go on to describe how his many wives have stripped him of his wealth, without taking any responsibly for being a repulsive, boozy, cunt.

The program may or may not end with the two smug, self satisfied, hyper cunts having a congratulatory circle jerk over a massive blown up picture of Bernard Manning. Who knows? Who fucking cares?

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