If you checked in at A&E on Facebook do you really need to be there?

With NHS resources being stretched further than the truth from the mouth of a politician, you have to ask yourself is it really an emergency when you check in on Facebook, only to confirm that you’re ok and that you’ll PM all your concerned friends back.

I mean, no one ever seems to check in if they’ve been run over, had an overdose, or are suffering from a massive coronary heart attack do they?

John Smith – Checked in at A&E

Paul Jones: “Hope everything’s alright bud?”

John Smith: “Yeah, I’ll be fine mate, just had a bit of bump and they’re just removing a wiper blade from my lower intestine.”

Maybe Facebook should just team up with the NHS, so that when someone checks in at an A&E the reception and security staff are notified and can tell them to fuck off home with their bruised finger or sore throat.

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