Death threats are a step too far, but this shit needs to stop

Death threats are a step too far, but this shit needs to stop

8th March 2018 0 By Tuckered

What happened to the advertising industry? Ok its always been a poisonous, soul extracting sector hell bent on removing you from your money, but at least they used to try harder.

Some adverts in the past were innovative, funny and memorable, some even told a story and gave you a connection with the central character. Liking the ad didn’t necessarily mean that you liked the product it was flogging, but at least you didn’t despise it.

I get the concept of ear worms, an annoying hook rattling around in your head that you just can’t forget, but if it makes me want to smash my tv into a million fucking pieces then I’m not very likely to book a holiday with you am I?

We live in a fucked up society when it comes to jobbing actors getting death threats. Remember, to them, it’s just a couple of hours in a studio, not the seemingly eternal televisual hell that we’re all stuck in.

Now I am by no means justifying threats, but I challange anyone to watch The Simpson back to back on Sky 1 when the TUI ad run is on every break time without going fucking insane.

Then there’s that pork balls prick off the Just Eat ad. If he was talking to friends near me like he does in the ad I’d cross the street to avoid the cunt.

How does irritation equate to sales? Who signs these 30 second ear raping clips off and pays a fuck tonne of money to have them aired? Its insane and it needs to fuck off right now.

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